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Special Education Needs





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SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS Coordinators: Mrs J Postlethwaite. 

                                                                       Mrs S Lomax.
                                        Assistant SENCO: Mrs V Simpson.
We have a duty of care for all children in our school. Every child at some time in their school life may need Special Educational help for any number of reasons. The staff are aware of this and are able to seek help and guidance on how to deal with problems as and when they occur. These may be emotional, behavioural, learning or related to a medical problem. The school’s Special Educational Needs co-coordinator advises staff, liaises with parents and outside agencies and works with the children to ensure all their needs are met.
We follow the Code of Practice for children with Special Educational­ Needs. After careful assessment, individually planned learning programmes and liaison between the Special Needs Co-coordinator, the class teacher and a child's parents, it is sometimes­ necessary to seek extra support from outside school to help us meet a child's needs. Outside agencies such as the Educational Psychologist, the Speech Therapist, the School Nurse and other professionals are available to us.
  Special Educational Needs Coordinator     Mrs J Postlethwaite & Mrs S Lomax
  Educational Psychologist                        Mrs J Lydon
  School Nurse                                       Mrs J Tierney
If at anytime you are concerned about your child please come into school to talk to your child's teacher.