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SAT’s Results
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SAT’S TESTS & ASSESSMENTS Coordinator: Mrs S Lomax

Formal Assessments and SAT's* Tests are required to be given to all children at the end of KS1**, (Yr. 2) & KS2***, (Yr. 6). Teacher Assessment is carried out as part of the teaching and learning in the classroom and takes account of evidence of achievement in a range of contexts including that gained through knowledge of a child's work, discussion and observation­. Teachers give a level for Reading, Writing, Speaking­ and Listening, Mathematics and Science at KS1, and English, Mathematics and Science at KS2***. The Teacher Assessment­ has equal importance to the actual SAT's Tests.


KS1 children are tested in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Mathematics. KS2 children are tested in English, (including Reading, Writing, Spelling and Handwriting) Mathematics (including a mental mathematics test), and Science.

The results are presented to parents in the individual annual report in July.

 * SAT’s - Standard Assessment Tasks

** KS1 - Key Stage 1 - Infant department

*** KS2 - Key Stage 2 - Junior department