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Attendance/Absences/Late Arrivals

A child’s education will be affected if they miss school or arrive late. We encourage children to arrive from 8.45am ready for an 8.50am start. This avoids disruption to the beginning of the school day. Schools have a legal requirement to submit termly figures of unauthorised absences to the Department for Education.

Unauthorised absences occur when the Headteacher does not authorise the reason for absence or no reason is given by the parent. Unauthorised absences are recorded every year on your child’s end of year report. If your child is absent from school please let us know as soon as possible stating the reason. You can telephone us, send in a note, see the class teacher or pop in to one of the school offices. This ensures that your child’s absence is recorded appropriately. Registers are legal documents and are checked regularly by an Educational Welfare Officer who will then follow up any queries.

If your child arrives after 9.00am he or she should use the respective front entrance and his or her name should be recorded in the late book. This will then be transferred into the register and your child will be recorded as present.

In law, an offence occurs if a parent or carer fails to secure a child’s regular attendance at school. Tameside Education Welfare Service, in conjunction with schools and Greater Manchester Police, will use these powers as an early deterrent to prevent patterns of unauthorised absence developing.

Parents may also receive a Penalty Notice without a warning letter for the offence of failing to secure regular school attendance for the following reasons:

  • If their child is stopped on a truancy sweep more than once
  • If they go on holiday in term time without school’s permission or are late returning from an extended holiday,
  • If they have not co-operated with the Education Welfare Service following a referral from school after they have taken steps to address the absences with the parent/carer and pupil.
  • If their child fails to return to school following a fixed term exclusion

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 also makes it an offence if a parent fails to ensure that their child is not in a public place during the first 5 days of a fixed term or permanent exclusion. Penalty Notices may be issued in relation to this matter.