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Curriculum Leader: Mrs Abell

The Learning Challenge Curriculum – A New Approach to Topic Work

At Yew Tree Primary School we have worked with education consultants Focus Education to introduce the ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’. This is not a list of specific topics to cover or knowledge to impart as the areas of study and skills to be taught are provided by the National Curriculum. It is a way of organising a series of lessons which captures the interests of the children and makes the learning relevant to them, whilst meeting the National Curriculum requirements.


The Learning Challenge Curriculum requires teachers to actively think what their curriculum needs to include in order to meet the needs of the children at this school.

At Yew Tree Primary School we have used a topic-based approach to link some subject areas through a common topic or project designed to ensure the children are interested in purposeful learning. Each topic aims to answer a main question over the half term.


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