Subject Co-Ordinator Mrs V Abraham

At Yew Tree Primary we use the Charanga Musical School to deliver our lessons. Through the Musical School programme the children develop their understanding, make musical judgements, apply their new learning, develop their aural memory, express themselves physically, emotionally and through discussion and create their own musical ideas. Ideally motivating and capturing each individual’s personal interest.

Each unit contains activities and games that cover the musical dimensions, (formerly elements – pulse, rhythm, pitch etc) through singing and playing instruments, listening and creating music – all intrinsically linked through a central song or piece.

The National Curriculum for Music aims to ensure that all pupils:

Perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the works of the great composers and musicians

National Curriculum Music (2014)

Within music lessons children will be listening pieces such as Miriam Makeba’s Click Song, Handel’s Let the Bright Seraphim and Britten’s Old Abram Brown as well as more contemporary pieces including well-known pop songs, in a broad range of styles.

Additionally there are Topics, which are collections of songs and activities, based on a range of themes including National Anthems from around the world, English Folk Songs and Great Composers.

learn to sing and to use their voices, to create and compose music on their own and with others, have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, use technology appropriately and have the opportunity to progress to the next level of musical excellence

National Curriculum Music (2014)

Children are encouraged to behave as musicians and explore the dimensions using their voices, body percussion and instruments