Yew Tree Primary School Aims

Our school aims are to:
  • Model the positive, respectful and tolerant behaviours that we would like to see in others
  • Maintain a friendly and consistent approach to everyone connected with our school
  • Demonstrate respect by listening and seeking to understand different perspectives and by maintaining calm at all times
  • Show interest; be interesting; be open and enthusiastic about developing our own expertise and sharing our approaches with each other
  • Be highly professional in everything we do; smartly turned out, tidy and well-organised

The Staff / School Culture

Ours is a very friendly, welcoming and caring school. We believe that people achieve more when they feel happy, secure and valued. Our philosophy is to educate the whole person; we want the children to enjoy their learning and we have high expectations for their academic, creative and social progress. Team spirit is very much part of the ethos here and there is high expectations of all staff, pupils and parents to work cooperatively, to make a positive contribution to the life of the school and to give their best.

There is a focused commitment on “Teaching and Learning”, which includes, staff, families and the community and we are proud of what we do. There is an emphasis on mutual support through which we develop our shared professionalism. We are reflective and adaptive in our practise. This is a safe place to make mistakes – making mistakes is a good way to learn! We are happy to try out new ideas, because we want to ensure that every child succeeds.

Our Code of Conduct is:

RESPECT is taken by all members of the school community.

Responsibility – Everyone’s

Empathy – Show understanding

Smart – Appearance in everything

Politeness – Be polite at all times

Empower – Let me learn / lead for myself

Care – Show you care about yourself, each other and the environment

Team – Together Everyone Achieves More