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Accessibility Policy

Admissions Policy

Aims and Objectives

Anti Bullying Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Buildings and Lettings Policy

Charging Policy

Child Protection Policy

Collecting Children from School Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Curriculum Policy 2020- 2021

Disadvantaged Pupil Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Evacuation and Lockdown Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Data Protection Policy

Fire Safety Policy

First Aid Policy

Food Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Head Lice Policy

Homework Policy

Inclusion Policy

Lunchbox policy

Managing Medicines Policy

Marking Policy

Notice of Equality Compliance

Parent Concerns and Complaints Policy

Physical Restraint Policy

Prevent Policy


Remote Learning Policy

Risk Assessment Policy.pdf

Safeguarding policy

School Building Lettings Policy

Smoke Free Policy

SMSC Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy


Whole School Food Policy

Uniform Policy



In accordance with the Education Reform Act of 1988 the school follows the Tameside procedures for the consideration of complaints about the school curriculum and related matters. If any parent wishes to make a complaint against the school in relation to:

  • Provision of a broad and balanced entitlement curriculum.
  • Religious education and collective worship.
  • Implementation of the National Curriculum including exceptions­ or withdrawals, or parts of it.
  • The operation of a charging policy
  • The provision of information

The Procedure is:

Settling the complaint informally with a teacher, Deputy Head teacher or the Head teacher.

Formal referral to the Governors.

Formal referral to the Local Authority (L.A.).

If the complainant is still dissatisfied, it is possible to complain further to  the Secretary of state

Complaints about the actions of individual teachers or the Head teacher are not covered by these procedures.

Full details of the complaints procedure are available in the School and Council Offices.