Yew Tree Primary School

Wellbeing Notice Board

Wellbeing Wednesdays!!!

We are promoting well being screen free time. All children are encouraged to have a go at some of the activities on the sheet below. See how many you can cross off. Have fun!

Click here for your Wellbeing activity challenges

Our Mental Health Strategy

As part of the Wellbeing award Yew Tree have produced a Mental Health Strategy. This strategy explains what Mental Health is, and how we as a school are working to support the Mental Health of the children the staff and you as parents and carers too. 

Click here to read our Mental Health Strategy

Wellbeing Champions

Wellbeing Champions are students, staff or parents that champion emotional wellbeing and positive mental health within the school setting and wider community. Champions drive forward positive change and support for the whole school community and break down stigma and barriers to receiving support.

 The role of a Wellbeing Champion

  • Be a positive role model

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Discuss ideas for wellbeing events

  • Reducing the stigma around mental health

  • Encourage people to talk and share

  • Be someone that can listen, support people and ask for help

  • Be a good communicator and feedback ideas to the class/group

If you require any support or guidance at any time, then please contact one of our Wellbeing Champions...

Miss Nicole Bates
Teacher and Welfare Lead

Mrs Bernadette Connell 
Teaching Assistant and
Wellbeing Champion

Mrs Tammy Rowe

Teaching Assistant,
Mental Health First Aider and
Youth Mental Health First Aider 

Yew Tree Lane, Dukinfield, Tameside SK16 5BJ

0161 338 3452