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Home-school agreements

Raise standards and contribute to school effectiveness by providing a framework for partnerships between parents, children and teachers.

Yew Tree Primary School is committed to making every effort to ensure that there is an effective and proactive partnership between home and school in order to provide the best possible care and education for all children. This agreement encapsulates our belief that parents are a child’s first and most important educators. It is designed to help secure the highest possible standards of achievement for all children and in all aspects of school life, through close communication and effective partnership with parents.

The agreement covers such areas as:

  • The ‘Ethos’ of the school.
  • Attendance.
  • Discipline and behaviour.
  • Homework


The active involvement of parents both at home and in school is a crucial aspect of your children's education.  At home you can become involved by encouraging your child to talk about school, listen to them read, work on maths assignments with them or perhaps by being involved with research related to work being carried out in school.

Parents can also become involved in school by helping in the classroom with groups or individuals, other curriculum work, displaying work and helping with the organisation­ of major projects such as running the libraries etc. You can be involved after school, running or helping with class or community groups, organising or helping at school social or fund raising events, such as fairs and jumble sales.  We also have a number of parents on the school governing body.

Whatever form it takes, the involvement of our parents is crucial, it enables you to find out about school but most importantly it offers encouragement to your child through the knowledge that his/her teachers and parents are working together. 


Community Curriculum

The school offers a community curriculum. This means that teachers are aware of the physical and social environment of the school within the community it serves and they take every opportunity to incorporate this into the children's learning experiences. To this end, we spend time away from the classroom in and around the neighbourhood, using the community to help us learn and we take every opportunity to bring members of the community into school to give an extra interest and dimension to our learning.


We do give homework throughout the school and feel that it is important for the following reasons.

  • It develops an effective partnership between school and home
  • It helps children to consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding­, particularly in literacy and numeracy
  • It encourages the children, as they get older, to develop the confidence and self discipline needed to study on their own, and to prepare them for the requirement of secondary school.


My Voice

MyVoice is an open access reporting system that will empower anyone; parents or residents in the local community, to report a safeguarding concern regarding a child who attends Yew Tree Primary.  We believe by reporting safeguarding concerns, it may assist early intervention and will help provide better support for anyone who needs it. You may choose to remain anonymous, however this is at your discretion. 

To report a worry or concern you have, please click: My Voice.

Once it is completed, Mrs Barber, our Head of Pupil Welfare will be notified and may wish to contact you to obtain further information. In line with GDPR, she will not contact you to provide an update. 

Yew Tree Young Ones

We now have an adult and tots group for children up to the age of 5. This is ran each Friday morning and Tea/Coffee and toast are provided.  Please see below for more details or speak to Mrs Barber or Mrs Fletcher 


School Nurse Service

School nurses have set up drop in clinics in school. If you wish to meet with them simply drop into school on the dates shown below.



Online Safety Information