Yew Tree Primary School

School Trips

At various times of the year your child may be asked to go on an educational visit. During the school year visits to various places will be made. Teachers incorporate visits into their schemes of work. Usually this happens in foundation subjects when a visit can prove more educationally beneficial than spoken or written work.

Children are also given the opportunity to go on an outdoor activity break in Year 5 or 6.



During the coming years, your child, with many others, may be taking part in school activities outside school premises and perhaps also outside school hours. We hope your child will find these events both helpful and enjoyable.

The purpose of this document is to draw your attention to the risks that can arise when your child takes part in out of school activities. The Council's aim is that out of school activities should be properly organised and that all reasonable precautions should be taken for the safety and well being of your child. Your child may, nevertheless, be exposed to additional hazards, e.g. accidents in the course of travel or sporting activities.

An accident might occur because of negligence by the Council, or because of negligence by a teacher, another member of the Council's staff, or voluntary helper acting in the knowledge and approval of the Authority, (e.g. lack of proper supervision). In this sort of case, the Council will fully accept it's responsibilities, and has an insurance policy which applies whenever it is legally liable to pay compensation for accidental injury or accidental damage to property. On the other hand, an accident might occur where the Council cannot be held responsible or liable. In particular, an accident might be caused by the child with no fault attributable to the teacher, the Council or any party or parties other than the child. In such a case the parent might thus be held responsible and in view of this, you may wish to consider your own insurance position. Many people do not insure against such risks, although some may be covered by their ordinary household policy. In the case of trips abroad and other major excursions, the teacher-in-charge would normally arrange group insurance and you would be advised of this at the time.

There is one other point. Urgent medical treatment might be needed in circumstances where it is not possible to contact the parent. In this situation, I hope that you would be willing to agree that the teacher-in-charge of any party may give the necessary consent on your behalf.”


Your child's teacher may arrange visits to various places which are connected with the work the children are doing in class, e.g. farms, churches, museums etc. Parents will be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of such visits. School has a small amount of money to help towards the cost of such visits, but as a general principle the visit will only take place if the voluntary contributions cover the cost of the trip.

If damage or loss occurs to school property as a result of a pupil's misbehaviour, the school reserves the right to ask for a contribution from the parent towards the cost of repair or replacement.

Children are told not to bring personal property into school.

Please Note: - The school cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.


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